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Over 30 exciting years in the hospitality field, I have travelled the world, worked with some amazing people and worn a lot of hats: chef, caterer, concept designer, events & weddings planner, consultant and food service manager. It has been an incredible journey that’s taken me from Asia, to the States, Africa and now, Europe.

When you love what you do, then it should come as no surprise that your work eventually evolves into a way of living. Hospitality became my lifestyle!

So, now I write for those who share my passion for service and how it can impact our world!

Kiran Robinson at Le Bristol Hotel, Paris

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Join me as we re-imagine the art of hospitality – the creation of free space where strangers can become friends and a lifestyle change can take place.

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30 years in the hospitality industry, 17 years at Stanford Hospital. My first book: “Seva, The Art of Hospitality”. Now I serve as a "hospitality ambassador", writing weekly on Substack at
Love reading. Love writing.